Some Thoughts About Psychotherapy:

A healthy collaboration between therapist and patient can make the difference between feeling directed and creating your own path. This can be a difficult journey, but any journey is best taken in the company of someone who has your best interests in mind.

I offer a unique opportunity for challenge and empowerment, a way of working together that goes beyond a clinical format and into a relational experience that can be far reaching and transformational.

I have worked with individuals, couples of all kinds, families and groups, all with the same intention: clarity of self and clarity of understanding, which allows everyone to truly know what they want from themselves and, with couples, families and groups, what they want from each other.

You can have a forum that will allow you to share the most intimate parts of yourself. It is not unusual to find out that those parts are not as scary or shameful as you imagined. Looking for and accepting help is a courageous act, a good start to feeling better.

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